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26.03.2013 Small island states secure climate talks funding
Small island states at acute risk from climate change will have a stronger voice at the international climate talks after the European Union agreed to help cover some of their costs.
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26.03.2013 Key Cameron advisor blocks climate change from G8 agenda
Reports that the UK’s lead G8 negotiator is blocking efforts to add climate change to the agenda have struck another blow to David Cameron’s ambition to lead the country’s ‘greenest government ever’.
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25.03.2013 Oceans offer best clue to understanding climate change
With the greater snow and flooding of recent winters and cool summers being far from the earlier expectations that climate change would bring a balmy climate to the British Isles, GLOBE UK recently brought together some of the UK’s leading climate scientists to brief Members of both Houses on the latest evidence of climate change in the Arctic.
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25.03.2013 Nine steps to unlock climate finance flows
Developments in the arena of climate finance have offered one of the few success stories for international climate politics in recent times.
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25.03.2013 Insurer Readiness on Long-Term Effects of Climate Change Called Into Question: Report
Insurers rank well in readiness for handling the short-term challenges of extreme weather events, but fall short in preparedness for the long-term effects of climate change, a new report says.
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21.03.2013 First climate change glossary translated into I Taukei language
For the first time in Fiji, three government ministries have worked together to publish a glossary of climate change terms, translated into the iTaukei vernacular language.
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21.03.2013 South Africa calls on world leaders to engage in UN climate talks
World leaders need to re-engage with climate change this year in order that plans to agree a legally binding deal in 2015 remain on course.
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21.03.2013 World Bank puts climate change at the top of its agenda
The World Bank's Vice President for Sustainable Development is urging the international community to heed the plight of Pacific Island countries and take action on climate change.
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19.03.2013 Kerry ramps up US climate diplomacy efforts
US Secretary of State John Kerry has stepped up the country’s climate diplomacy speaking to and meeting with key policymakers in China, Asia and the EU.
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19.03.2013 IIED rolls out new system to track climate change in developing countries
New systems for tracking the social impact of efforts to adapt to climate change could soon be in place in Africa and South Asia.
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19.03.2013 Lagos govt takes climate change to communities
Lagos State government is putting in place a community –based initiative to ensure coherent response to climate change.
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18.03.2013 Japan energy breakthrough could cause climate breakdown
Japan has successfully captured natural gas from deep under the ocean by tapping into methane hydrates, using a new technology that could revolutionize the world’s energy supply.
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18.03.2013 Climate debate cut from England & Wales curriculum for children up to 14
Debate about climate change has been cut out of the national curriculum for children under 14, prompting claims of political interference in the syllabus by the government that has failed “our duty to future generations”.
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14.03.2013 Climate heavyweights fire fresh salvos in global CO2 debate
The first salvos of the new UN climate regime have been fired by some of the most influential nations ahead of the first talks in earnest on a global emissions deal.
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13.03.2013 Green Climate Fund must clear the path for climate finance
Research shows that developing countries will need about $531 billion of additional investments in clean energy technologies each year in order to limit global temperature rise to 2°C above pre-industrial levels, thus preventing climate change’s worst impacts.
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13.03.2013 Al Attiyah chairs climate meet in Bonn
The Bureau meeting of COP18/CMP8 commenced here yesterday, chaired by President of COP18 H E Abdullah bin Hamad Al Attiyah, who is also Chairman of Administrative Control and Transparency Authority (ACTA) of Qatar.
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12.03.2013 NGOs cry foul over access to UN climate fund talks
NGOs including Oxfam, ActionAid and Friends of the Earth have called for greater access to discussions on the UN’s flagship climate fund as its board prepares to hold its second meeting this week.
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12.03.2013 Climate change in the dock: Rethinking the role of international law
Climate change raises many justice-related issues.
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11.03.2013 China’s climate change laws
The latest Globe Climate Legislation Study was published in January 2013, focusing on 33 countries from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.
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11.03.2013 Climate change “greening” the Arctic
Climate change is triggering a “greening” of the Arctic with noticeably lusher vegetation found at northern latitudes, a new NASA-funded study has revealed.
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